Marty is an Irish potrait artist who has spent the last 15 years working in theater, television and film. Marty grew up surrounded by art - her grandfather, father, mother, uncle and sister are all artists so her move into visual art is no surprise.

Marty's lifelong interest in faces and the figure has been the driving force behind her work. Inspired by a range of artists and eras; color, tone and shape define her work. These collections of living paintings are of portraits painted directly onto the models who pose for them. Using acrylic paints, the 3D subjects appear 2D. In her work, she has found a way of capturing this ethereal transformation as her faces appear from out of the darkness with a powerful intensity.



  • Solo Art Exhibition in Christ Church Cathedral in 2014 entitled ‘Living Art’
  • Successful winner of a tender to produce an image for Westlife's singer Mark Feehily´s solo tour in 2015
  • Winner for Best Makeup Design at the 6th Underground Cinema Awards in 2015 for short film 'Justlikeabitch'
  • Showcased Art in a group exhibition at the Red Door Gallery in Dublin 
  • Successful winner of a tender to produce Extreme Rhythm´s album cover entitled ´Saturn´s Shadow´
  • Solo exhibition entitled ‘Victus’ in Gallery 27, South Fredrick Street, Dublin
  • One of twenty artists selected from 500 to exhibit in the Artzimers 2017 Exhibition in The Civic Theatre, Tallaght to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s